Mankind order just landed.

Published on: Mar 31 2010 by Hitcherbmx

Mankind order has just landed and i have a load of new products here are just a few pics of the new mankind products.

Here are the Jeff k sig frame the heat treated forward 2010 , comes in 4 colours and 20.5 / 20.8 /21.1 . Retails for £370 at your local dealer. more details on product page.

Here is the 2010 Bjorn bommel magner Heat treated frame called the mellow frame comes in 5 colours ed green,metalic blue matte black, barney purple,gloss white and 20.5 /20.8 /21 Retails for £375 at your local dealer. more details on product page

Here is the super low Justice frame with a stand over height of only 180mm perfect for learning tailwhips. 20.75 / 21 . comes in matte white, matte black,royal blue, ed purple, trans red. more details on product page.

Here is the ever popular Archangel frame for 2010. comes in 5 colours matte black, raw, barney purple, ed red, gloss white. retails for £250, more details on product page

Some smaller mankind products came though as well. New pivotal plastic seats in 6 colours retail for £21.99

Popular mankind respect sprocket now come in pearl red and metallic blue 25t and 28t£42.99

Mankind mid bottom bracket are also in metallic blue and pearl red 19mm and 22mm £24.99

Mankind Asadi 2 Grips now have added a clear version to the grip line , black, brown, red,light blue,green,purple,white thick or thin? £6.99

Mankind white headsets are now back in stock as well as black, silver,green,gold,purple. retail £23.99

Mankind valve caps in 6 colours retail £4.99

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