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Published on: Aug 12 2010 by Hitcherbmx

I got a few items from metal bikes products today and was running inside and outside trying to take some product shoots today while avoiding the rain. Here are the frame shoots on a freshly painted high viss orange mini ramp in the garden.

This is the sig frame from colt fake called the Jaguar 20.5″ and 21″

Tuff as hell, weighs in at 5.59lbs stand over height is 260mm no micro scooter on this one. Engraved drop outs and bb shell and for extra strength a gusset up the front end, also has welded on brake lugs.

This is the Rebel contender comes in 20.75 , 21″ and 21.2

stand over height is 250mm, weight is 5.48lbs, it has a wish bone next to the bb shell, built in clamp, metal logo engraved into the drop outs head tube and bb shell, it also has lightning bolt brake bridge. welded on brake mounts.

The last metal bikes frame is chris wilson sig model The moon unit. Ultra modern low stand over height at 225mm removeable brake lugs that comes with lug fitting spanner, engraved bb shell and drop outs, built in seat clamp. come in 20.75 and 21″

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