Sputnic space cobra, Ben Hucke sig frame here soon.

Published on: Sep 22 2010 by Hitcherbmx

Sputnic – Space Cobra Promo from Sputnic BMX on Vimeo.


  • What’s up with the name of your frame?
    I honestly had a difficult time with this one, after a few weeks of trying to come up with names and asking people for ideas it just popped into my head one day. I texted Ronnie and Sher asking if I could name it the Space Cobra, they both just replied “YES”. From there on it was set in stone.
  • The graphics are pretty bad ass, who was the artist and what was the concept behind it all?
    Chris Spann came up with the actual design after talking back and forth about what I wanted it to be. It came out better than I imagined when describing the design to him through emails. I wanted an 80’s feel to it, like a black light poster or something your Uncle would have on the wall in his garage next to his bikini calender.
  • Why did you pick the geometry you chose?
    I just took my favorite parts of a few different frames I’ve ridden in the past and incorporated them all into one frame, riding this geometry for the first time was like a breath of fresh air.
  • Your frame has a pretty classic design with a higher bottom bracket and standover height,
    what was the thought behind that?

    I wanted my bike to look like the bikes I always wanted growing up, small tubes, classic triangles. Before I was always stuck with low bottom brackets and big tubes. I like being on top of my bike rather then feel like I’m sitting over my back wheel.
  • You’ve been riding a sample frame for most of this year, what has the testing process been like?
    I thought it was going to be a long drawn out process of testing a bunch of different frames. Fortunately we got it right the first go, we made some minor tubing changes but we got it dialed in first try!
  • Frames are evolving every year, what’s going to make your frame stand out from all the rest?
    My frame is really simple, clean and affordable, we didn’t try to do anything ground breaking or anything like that. It’s the perfect bike for riding anything and it will take a serious beating.
  • You kind of have a never surrender policy when it comes to pulling stuff, did that mindset come
    into play when you were designing your frame?

    Ha, I have destroyed frames in the past just trying one trick over and over for hours on end. I had to take a look back and figure out what I’ve always broke, bent, smashed or whatever and make sure that we covered those areas when we designed the Space Cobra. So far so good, it’s held up great. I still haven’t thought of anyways to make it any better than it already is.
  • As a kid did you ever dream of having your own frame and if so what kind of crazy things did you want it to have? Also, did any of that make the cut to the Space Cobra?
    I always had some funny bikes back in the day, I still get made fun of for how goofy my set ups were and I never even had 3 piece cranks until I was sponsored. The bikes I wanted growing up always seemed to be just out of my reach money wise, “Standards, S&M’s, Hoffmans” and I’d settle for another GT, Dyno or whatever I could get my hands on. They were always the craziest looking bikes so I always wanted something simple and
    strong is all.


  • Material: 4130 Sanko chromoly, double butted down tube
  • Top Tube: 20.6″, 20.8″, 21.1″
  • Chain Stay: 13.75″ with room to remove wheel
  • Head Tube: 75 degrees, heat treated, CNC machined, drilled for gyro tabs
  • Seat Tube: 71°, single butted, 9″ standover height with integrated seat clamp
  • BB Type: mid, CNC machined, heat treated grindable design
  • BB Height: 11.75″
  • Dropouts: 5mm thick heat treated
  • Extras: Externally butted and tapered seat stays, low profile removable brake mounts
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs for 20.6″ top tube
  • Colors: matte black, matte red, gloss purple

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