Mankind pro rider bommels new web edit.

Published on: Sep 02 2013 by Hitcherbmx


I’ve been team mates and good friends with Bommel now for about 6 years and over that time we have spent countless hours together, travelling to contests, filming, and hanging out in bars and clubs all over Europe. Last year Bommel took on the job of team manager for the mankind team, and this year after 10 years of competing in contests all over the world, he made the decision to stop riding in contests all together, to some people this might be a sign of slowing down, but I will assure you this edit will prove otherwise, if there is one edit you watch today make sure it’s this one. You won’t be disappointed. Isaac Lesser

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For 2013 Björn wanted to redesign his signature frame from the ground up and to start completely fresh we gave it a new name, too. Action Frame that is! We gave the Action frame an overall quick responding geometry, added a well rounded slim look to it and some fresh new colors. We achieved this by giving it a quick 75.5° head tube angle, a 11.6” BB height, a 13.5” center of dropout chain stay length and a 8.5” stand over. Top and Down Tube have been slimmed down and the chain stays have been widened to fit 2.3” tires easily.

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