Isaac Lesser’s sig frame promo edit, The getaway

Published on: Aug 24 2016 by Hitcherbmx

ISAAC_COVER_Mankind - Isaac Lessser - Getaway Frame Promo

The ‘Getaway’ is Isaac Lesser’s signature frame, inspired by his ongoing passion for travelling and exploring the world.

Mike King and Isaac travelled over 21,000 miles, on a mission to shoot a video which embodied the true meaning of the frame

and naturally, they had the time of their lives doing so.

Filmed in and around Sydney, Brisbane, London, Essex, Brighton & Barcelona.

The Mankind Getaway Frame is available in 20.5″, 20,75″, 21.0″ and in these colors: Clearcoat Blue, Matte Black and Matte Raw.

Available now worldwide via Mankind retailers.

More Info:

– Produced by: Mike King

– Music: The Arcade Fire – Half Light Pt.2

– Mankind Getaway Frame Specs:

Mankind Getaway Frame

Isaac Lesser signature model


When we approached Isaac about designing a frame he made it clear he wanted a clean looking frame suitable for riding any terrain, whether your cruising though some trails, grinding a hand rail or blasting a quarterpipe at the local skatepark. The 2016 Mankind Getaway Frame is perfect for any type of rider. It features a 75.0° head angle, stand over at 8.5”, 13.2” CS and 11.5 BB height, custom mankind DT gusset and full chromoly dropouts with integrated chain tensioners to keep you chain tight. All the features you need to build a bike ready to ride anything that is in front of you. 


Material:        Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing
Lengths:        20.5”, 20.75”, 21.0”

TT:                  ø 33.0mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t  Heat-treated
DT:                 ø 35.0mm x 1.2t*1.1t*1.2t  Heat-treated
SS:                 ø 19.0mm x 1.0t. Heat-treated
CS:                 ø 19.0mm x 1.2t. Heat-treated
Seat tube:     Single butt (1.5t*1.0t) – Heat-treated. Angle: 71° 

Stand Over:   8.5”
Head tube:    Heat-treated – Int. Headset, rem. Gyro tabs
HT Angle:      75.0°
BB:                Heat-treated Mid Size BB. Wider 74mm BB shell. 
BB Height:    11.5”. Inside BB spacer needs to be 51mm

Dropouts:      Heat-treated Laser cut, 6mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slots
Angled, welded on cut out caps on SS & CS.
CS-Length:   13.2” slammed / 13.45 middle of dropout

CS-Width:     72mm. 2,4” tires fit. 

U-Brake:        No Brake Hardware included – sold separately

Weight:          2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 21.0”
Specials:       MK Down Tube Gusset, Integrated Chain Tensioners           

Colors:           Matt Black, Matte Raw, Clearcoat Blue



Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing 

HT Angle



20.5”, 20.75”, 21.0”


Heat-treated Mid Size BB


ø 33.0mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t Heat-treated 

BB Height



ø 35.0mm x 1.2t*1.1t*1.2t Heat-treated


Heat-treated Laser cut, 6mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slots 


ø 19.0mm x 1.0t. Heat-treated 


13.2” slammed / 13.45” middle of dropout


ø 19.0mm x 1.2t. Heat-treated 


72mm – 2,4” tires fit easily 

Seat Tube

Single butt (1.5t*0.9t) – Heat-treated. Angle: 71° 


No Brake Hardware included – sold separately

Stand Over



2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 20.8”

Head Tube

Heat-treated – Int. Headset, Length: 110mm 


Matt Black, Matte Raw, Clearcoat Blue

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