About Us

Published on: Nov 18 2009 by admin

Who we are:

Zeal BMX Distribution was founded in summer 2007 as a UK BMX industry supplier. Fully rider owned and operated. We aim to make the finest BMX components, bikes and accessories available to UK riders through our network of dealers. Our product range is growing all the time with everything from consumable components to complete bikes. We supply some of the leading brand names in the BMX industry today covering all aspects of riding.

Zeal BMX Distribution provides full customer support – fast/efficient order processing –  warranty/technical support/servicing – product advice and a commitment to helping the BMX community.

Where can I get your products?…..

Checking the “Dealers” section of this website is a fine place to start. If your local BMX friendly shop isn’t there demand that they contact us straight away.
(Store owners please contact us for further details.)

Can I Have Some Stickers?…..

Sure you can. To get some you have to send us “something nice” and a pre-paid self addressed envelope to the address found on the contact section of this site.