uk vert series London / gumball rally 2014

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The daily grind online catalog

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Nass 2014 bmx finals on vital

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This is how i spent my weekend at Nass 2014. Here are the finals from vital bmx click the image of catfish and best pal the famous jay dog from liverpool. who won the fake contests and the hearts of all that was around him.

Zack Gerber is so good and he rides for the Daily grind and standard

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Great sound track and insane street skills , the last banger is nuts.

Kacper Kwitek and his DSAB edit

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Here at zeal we love the guys at DSAB and any kooky shit they do, heres a little gem from the polish scottsman.

Last time we hung out things got wild when we discovered 2 wheelie bin’s worth of booze.

Oh boy he was happy. ps thought i should smudge the picture.


New Bone deth products dropped today at zeal HQ

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New items in the range are

New front hub guards

New 48 hole front and rear hubs in black or silver

New rims in 48 hole

New Forks with brake lugs on

New Motorbone frame.

photo 3


Isaac lesser is the best. filmed by mike king

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Isaac Lesser Goes Atomic at the New Rush Skatepark | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 2

Mankind crew Highway to hill jam Germany

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Mankind Crew at Highway to Hill 2014 a BMX video by Mankind Bike Company

Mankind rider Rob DiQuattro 2014 edit Street as you like!

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Superstar Rider Kenith Tencio welcome to the team edit.

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Kenneth is from Costa Rica, he is an amazing person on and off his bike. We are very pleased to welcome him on Superstar!
He is travelling the world since february for all the big internationals contests but he is also able to film a real street part in a really short amount of time. This welcome to the team video is the perfect example of how productive he can be! It was shot in 2 days in Montpellier by Arnaud Wolff.

Welcome on board bro!


Mankind Rider Isaac lesser back on his bike.

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Isaac has been of his bike for 6 or so weeks now with a broken ankle but to keep him self busy he has been filming. here is a cool edit from him he put together getting back on his bike.

Kurt yaeger drops the Zeal bomb on prime time tv with Eamonn Holmes

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My boy Kurt Yaeger was over in the uk this week doing some public speaking and meeting up with a few people , myself and some other guys caught up with him last weekend and hung out at victoria park and harrow skate park then on sunday we met up with day trippers a charity that get disabled children out and about on adventure days. this time was at London zoo.

I had to head home sunday night but before we left kurt said he was doing a morning show with Eamonn Holmes and would give Zeal bmx a little plug, here it is.


Tom (ched) Cheeseman 1 hour edit

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Alone and phoenix bikes rider and all round good guy Tom cheeseman is a local rider at upton skatepark and has had the worst luck with all sorts of injuries over the past 3 years mainly collar bones made from play dough, He was in the mood to film so last week with the help from Ryan marsh behind the camera he put together a 1 hour edit at his local upton skate park. Enjoy !


Bmx train trip with isaac lesser and crew

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Bmx train trip 
Spending a lot of time with Jason Phelan is always interesting and he had been going on about this
Bmx train trip that he and Joe Bailey had spoken about for a good few months. After spending a week 
with him at Baltic games and simple session it was decided that we should make the idea a reality
and get some stuff booked. 
About two months later I was boarding a flight in Gdansk, the north of Poland, to meet Jason, Mole,
Andreas from Estonia and Joe Baily, who was shooting photos for Ride as well as being trip dad and
showing us all how to ride some of the crazy spots we visited. 
With about 5 days clothes, bike, pads, passport and a two week interrail ticket round Europe, I was
ready for an adventure. 
I could write a day by day account of everything that happened but instead I'll write a short
paragraph about the most memorable parts of the trips 

1 The first night, we went to a bar and started looking at a map of Europe, planning were we could go.
 As you can imagine one beer turned into one too many and we ended up having a pretty wild night, Mole
got lost and slept rough, Jason came back at 9 the next morning after trying to chat up a girl and me 
and Joe got kicked out for smashing glasses by not only the biggest bouncer but the biggest human I 
have ever seen. 
2. Overnight trains - these were awkward to say the least; you had to pack your bike away, the walk 
ways were too skinny to drag your bike bag down and the rooms were tiny, so as you can imagine fitting 
five bike bags and five lads in was like a game of Tetris. However I fully loved going on these, going
 to sleep on these trains and waking up in the early hours in another country right in the centre of a
big city, it was definitely part of the adventure. 
3. Polish strip clubs - so one night we realised our hostel was on the street opposite a load of strip
 clubs and, as we wandered about, loads of promoters persuaded us to go inside. Once we were in there 
the girls were all over us before they realised we were poor bmxers travelling on a budget and weren't
 gunna spend 300 slots on a private dance with a happy ending. 

4. The chat - spending every day for two weeks with the same 5 people will always bring up some 
interesting conversations, especially with spending hour after hour on trains. Most of the topics are
 not suitable for this write up but I can assure you these boys had some amazing and shocking stories.
5. Hostels - personally I would pick staying in a hostel over a hotel any day, they are cheap
 (mostly under 10 euros) and you can meet soo many different types of people and get to hear some amazing 
stories, plus there is often a bar with some nice looking girls, which is always a bonus.

6. Auchwitz - as we were on the train to Krakow we realised we would be staying about an hour from 
Auchwitz, a former nazi concentration camp, so we set aside a day to go and check the place out, It was 
seriously shocking to realise the the scale and learn about the things that went on there, definitely a 
disturbing place.

7. Wombats - so we arrived in Vienna with no plans, nowhere to stay and not a clue where to go. We tracked
 down some wifi and found a hostel called Wombats, as we gave in our details and picked up a room key we 
were given some free drinks tokens to use in the hostel bar. We were soon in there enjoying these free 
beverages when we realised it was happy hour and this meant more beers and jäger bombs. The mad thing 
about this bar was that when you bought a drink you were given a water gun and could spray anyone in 
the bar. It was quite a night often being suprised with a spray in the face. The bar was full of young kids
 on a school trip, maybe 16 so we must have looked like mad old men smashing jäger bombs and running round 
with this water gun. 

8. Stuff to ride - on this trip we were heading to places that weren't over run with BMX media and 
therefore had no clue what type of things we were gunna find to ride. We could find absoluty nothing 
but also we could also come across some of Eastern Europes hidden gems. We ended up finding quite a 
few amazing brick tranny spots in several different cities, Joe was in his element at these spots and 
showed us all how to ride them. 
isaac wall carve
9. Loosing track of time - one thing I noticed about this trip was I completly lost track of time, I had
 no clue what day or time it was and I think this was due to the fact that every day was soo different and
 we were not sleeping a lot. I don't think we had one lie-in. For example one night we would be up till 5 
drinking, and out riding by 10 the next morning, then the next night be on a train at 10 and in a new city 
by 5 the next morning, I really enjoyed the lack of routine on this trip and also grew to like the fact we 
never knew what time or day it was, we would just eat, sleep or ride when ever we felt the need. 
isaac peg bars
Unfoutunatly the trip ended early for me with a broken ankle and extremely stressfull flight home because I
 broke my ankle trying to 540 off a weird wedge in Budapest. This was really annoying but these things happen
 and I'm gunna spend the next few weeks concentrating on healing it. So I'm currently sitting in a hospital
 waiting room writing this and waiting to have my leg plasterd. 
I wanna say a massive thanks to Joe, Jason, Mole and Andreas for an amazing time and some unreal memories. 
Also I'd like to thank Mankind and Zeal for helping me fund the trip. It was the Bollex.

uk bmx vert series 1st round at ramp city blackpool.

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The Uk’s first round of the 2014 vert series kicked off at ramp city in blackpool on the 30th march

Here is the footage from the day , thanks to all that were involved and put the effort in.