Maid of ace , bone deth

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Fuck yeah girls, Maid of Ace a punk band from hastings have a song out called bone deth. fits in perfectly with bungay and waffle who might have lent the girls some bikes for the video ?!?!?!?!?!

punk and bmx will always go hand in hand in my eyes.

Filmed by mark Richards


New mankind products are in stock now.

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Greg Goldberg welcome to the Daily grind edit.

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Round 4 of the uk vert series

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BMX Vert Series 2014 Flyer Round 4

Superstar edit from Antoine Mallier

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This french shredder hitting up some parks in france.

uk vert series London / gumball rally 2014

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The daily grind online catalog

Published on: Jul 18 2014 by Hitcherbmx - Leave a Comment Click on the lick to see all the hot products that the daily grind do and zeal have in stock.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.58.01

Nass 2014 bmx finals on vital

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Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.53.24


This is how i spent my weekend at Nass 2014. Here are the finals from vital bmx click the image of catfish and best pal the famous jay dog from liverpool. who won the fake contests and the hearts of all that was around him.

Zack Gerber is so good and he rides for the Daily grind and standard

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Great sound track and insane street skills , the last banger is nuts.

Kacper Kwitek and his DSAB edit

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Here at zeal we love the guys at DSAB and any kooky shit they do, heres a little gem from the polish scottsman.

Last time we hung out things got wild when we discovered 2 wheelie bin’s worth of booze.

Oh boy he was happy. ps thought i should smudge the picture.


New Bone deth products dropped today at zeal HQ

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New items in the range are

New front hub guards

New 48 hole front and rear hubs in black or silver

New rims in 48 hole

New Forks with brake lugs on

New Motorbone frame.

photo 3


Isaac lesser is the best. filmed by mike king

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Isaac Lesser Goes Atomic at the New Rush Skatepark | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 2

Mankind crew Highway to hill jam Germany

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Mankind Crew at Highway to Hill 2014 a BMX video by Mankind Bike Company

Mankind rider Rob DiQuattro 2014 edit Street as you like!

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Superstar Rider Kenith Tencio welcome to the team edit.

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Kenneth is from Costa Rica, he is an amazing person on and off his bike. We are very pleased to welcome him on Superstar!
He is travelling the world since february for all the big internationals contests but he is also able to film a real street part in a really short amount of time. This welcome to the team video is the perfect example of how productive he can be! It was shot in 2 days in Montpellier by Arnaud Wolff.

Welcome on board bro!