New superstar rider from russia

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Check out this video it has a slow build up but its worth the wait.

Isaac lesser edit on fast forward , filmed by mike king

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Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.34.03

Click the image to watch.

The second episode in our collaboration series with Epic TV features Young Moley AKA Isaac Lesser. Isaac is best known for constantly travelling the world, smashing contests all over Europe, having a bewilderingly terrifying phobia of rodents and of course loving every minute on his bike. We shot this over the course of a few months at Crawley, Brighton and the new RUSH Skatepark in Stroud. Enjoy!…

The Daily Grind Winter 2014 Team Promo

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The edits from The Daily Grind guys keep coming!… Check this one out!

Alone shredder callum woodland at home at upton

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Callum is the local up and comer here at upton skate park, here he has put together this edit in a couple of weeks , look out for this guy as he is a natural, and learns real quick still only 14 years old. Check out his baby blue alone ADL here.

K x K | MK x 247

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Here is a little split edit about our team rider Kim Moreno and Kiam Hashemi which cruising around Frankfurt! Both of them riding also for Frankfurt´s BMX local shop 2four7.


Web edit from james appleton MMXIII mix

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This feature a lot of the FTL crew from essex and a few others , Includes mankind rider isaac lesser and Alone rider Tom milham, Well worth a watch

Isaac Lesser 2013

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In case you missed this one doing the rounds over the holidays…. Isaac’s banging edit was a festive treat this year.

mankind swagger frame promo

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After the Texas-Toast-Jam Mankind and Parano-Garage Teamrider Daniel Tünte stayed

a few days longer in Austin/Texas and he was on fire. Riding almost non stop and banger

after banger. Markus Wilke took advantage of Daniels apetite for destroying some of Austins

streetspots and filmed this Promo for the Mankind X Parano-Garage collaboration Frame

“The Swagger”, which was later on edited by Mankind- Teammanager Björn “Bommel” Mager.

Here´s a little more info about the Mankind X Parano-Garage “The Swagger” Frame:

Mankind Bike Company and Parano Garage BMX Mailorder have teamed up in the spring of 2013
to bring out a collaboration frame, which they named “The Swagger” frame. The Swagger frame is
coming out firt of january 2014 and is exclusively available through Parano Garage BMX Mailorder only
Parano-Garage is one of the oldest and biggest rider run Mailorders in Germany.
The MK X PG Swagger frame has been designed as an modern, up to date, street and park allround
frame and offers a geometry which suits all these riding styles. For example a 75.0° head tube angle,
11.8” BB height and a quick 13.25” slammed chain stay length.

Further it features a special Parano-Garage Top Tube Gusset, Mankind Down Tube Gusset,
Mankind Seat & Chain Stay Bridges and an Integrated Seatclamp.
It`s made out of strong and light full 4130 chromoly tubing. DT, TT, BB, Seat Tube
and Head Tube are heat treated and the seat & chain stays are tapered.

Included are removable Gyro Tabs, removable U-brake Mounts, and also removable
Cable Guides for both single cable and double London Mod Cable Routing.

To round this beauty up it is available in Gloss Black to Matt Black fade finish
and Clearcoat Red finish with see through welds.

Here are the complete specs:

• Material:        Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing
• Lengths:
        20.65″, 20.85″, 21.0″

• TT:                  ø 33.0mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t  Heat-treated
• DT:                 ø 34.0mm x 1.2t*0.9t*1.2t  Heat-treated
• SS:                 ø 19.0mm x 1.0t. Heat-treated, Tapered to 16mm
• CS:                 ø 19.0mm x 1.2t. Heat-treated, Tapered to 16mm
• Seat tube:     Single butt (1.5t*0.9t) – Heat-treated. Angle: 71° 
• Stand Over:
• Head tube:
    Heat-treated – Int. Headset, Rem. Gyro Tabs
• HT Angle:      75.0°
• BB:                 Heat-treated Mid Size BB
• BB Height:    11.8”
• Dropouts:
      Heat-treated Laser cut, 5mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slots
2mm sink cuts on inside. Angled welded on caps on SS & CS.
• CS-Length:  13.25” – slammed
• CS-Width:    
2,3” tires fit easily 
• U-Brake:
        Rem. U-brake Mounts, Single & Double London Mod Cable Guides 
• Specials:
       Parano Garage Top Tube Gusset, Mankind Down Tube Gusset,
MK Seat & Chain Stay Bridges, Integrated Seatclamp 
• Weight:
          2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 21.0”
• Colors:
           Gloss Black/Matt Black, Clearcoat Red



Harry Naylor shredding at the bsd jam.

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Here is Harry Naylor at the BSD jam. He came second in the park contest with moves like these in the pics shot by Ged speed and he also flipped the spine.

Harry is a super nice guy and has rocked custom standard bykes frames for a long time now he knows they can anything he throughs at them.




Standard byke co , juke life with sam and taz

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This is well worth a watch, check out all the no drive train riding. tax makes it look sick.


Free Mankind posters

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Mankind have sent a jeff k and isaac lesser posters to us for you to have for free. they will be going out to dealers for free with every order.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.09.10

Relentless radius jam 2013 in berlin

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Mankind and relentless pro bommel has sent over this bowl jam footage with a high consistency of mankind team riders.


Uk vert series 2013

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Here Is a recap of the uk vert series so far , the next and final event will be at creation skate park on sunday the 3rd november

If you can make it come down and surport this event.


Zeal front yard ghetto jam 2013

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The Zeal ghetto jam came about on a drunken night in the Gantry bar discussing what we should do, so a monster was born the zeal front yard ghetto jam. Weeks of preparation went into collecting and scrounging wood from Radii ramps, harry main, wakefield council and carve skate park designs.First of a huge thank you to you guys for making it happen, secondly a huge thank you to the people who gave time in and effort in building the ramps with out you it wouldn’t of been possible. To all the people that after the event said they wished they had come , yes i bet you do because it turned out to be an amazing event and a great time was had by all.

If this goes ahead next year it will be even bigger and better.

Thanks to all the rider that came to and totally shredded , some riders won some didnt win but who cares the vibe was just through down and see what happens like an bmx event should be.

Sean pointing put this edit together for you to enjoy.

OSKARS ZAJARSKIS superstar edit

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Superstar rider OSKARS ZAJARSKIS from latvia is living in the uk at the moment , I didn’t even realise it was him who came the the zeal jam last month. i was so busy with so many things. Many apologies Oskars. feel free to come ride upton skate park any time.