Zeal ghetto jam build saturday 17th oct

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Pics by sean pointing video coming soon.

1656280_10152863761317044_132284888921619171_nThe zeal van and trailer working flat out brining in all the wood.

2014 zeal ghetto jam-106


The Pond crew turned up friday night and really got stuck in filled an entire wall with quarters , raised section, and a volcano.

2014 zeal ghetto jam-104


More unloading with Big C and Adam Hugh all the way from Australia.

2014 zeal ghetto jam-100


The Man the Myth The Legend Antony Pearson, You will never see him ride in person !

2014 zeal ghetto jam-79


Proof Ant really Does ride bmx

2014 zeal ghetto jam-90


Kelvin and Jez getting stuck in

2014 zeal ghetto jam-78


Sean Point was on media duties this weekend and still found time to shred , here with a wall smith.

2014 zeal ghetto jam-73


Ginge busted out this awesome turn down over the volcano.

2014 zeal ghetto jam-71


Gine with a foot plant over the wall.

2014 zeal ghetto jam-45


Lewis , wolf and company finally turned up to make some speed bumps with nails???

2014 zeal ghetto jam-13


In and out of the trailer all day long.

Mankind have a new web site , go check it out.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 14.59.08

Halloween jam at rampworx 2014

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Zeal ghetto jam 2014 and also Zeal bmx 7th birthday

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Last years event went like this.


Kim Moreno Mankind street edit

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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.38.09

The Daily grind hub guard promo

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New mankind edit from Kiam Hashemi

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Dear Friends,

check out the new “Part of mankind” edit from Kiam Hashemi.

The sixteen year old style cat Kiam Hashemi from Frankfurt has spent five days

in Berlin to meet up with his Mankind TM Björn “Bommel” Mager and left the capital

with a bunch of impressive clips and an rad edit to say at least.

Enjoy the edit and your afterwork session today!

Kiam Hashemi Part of mankind


Not just another t shirt advert

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If carlsburg did tshirt adverts this would be them. Bone deth style



2 hour edit from Tristan Aarts at the GC compound

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Tristan filmed this Welcome edit over the course of a couple hours at GC Compound. We are currently filming a web edit which should be dropping in a couple of months so stay tuned!

Lets hope the next full edit will be full of interesting lines.


Maid of ace , bone deth

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Fuck yeah girls, Maid of Ace a punk band from hastings have a song out called bone deth. fits in perfectly with bungay and waffle who might have lent the girls some bikes for the video ?!?!?!?!?!

punk and bmx will always go hand in hand in my eyes.

Filmed by mark Richards



New mankind products are in stock now.

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Greg Goldberg welcome to the Daily grind edit.

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Round 4 of the uk vert series

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BMX Vert Series 2014 Flyer Round 4

Superstar edit from Antoine Mallier

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This french shredder hitting up some parks in france.


uk vert series London / gumball rally 2014

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