Zeal BMX Distribution 2018

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Visit – zealbmxb2b.com 

New Daily grind edit from Jordan Grandinetti

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Isaac Lesser’s sig frame promo edit, The getaway

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ISAAC_COVER_Mankind - Isaac Lessser - Getaway Frame Promo

The ‘Getaway’ is Isaac Lesser’s signature frame, inspired by his ongoing passion for travelling and exploring the world.

Mike King and Isaac travelled over 21,000 miles, on a mission to shoot a video which embodied the true meaning of the frame

and naturally, they had the time of their lives doing so.

Filmed in and around Sydney, Brisbane, London, Essex, Brighton & Barcelona.

The Mankind Getaway Frame is available in 20.5″, 20,75″, 21.0″ and in these colors: Clearcoat Blue, Matte Black and Matte Raw.

Available now worldwide via Mankind retailers.

More Info: http://mankindbmx.com/products/getaway-frame

– Produced by: Mike King


– Music: The Arcade Fire – Half Light Pt.2

– Mankind Getaway Frame Specs:

Mankind Getaway Frame

Isaac Lesser signature model


When we approached Isaac about designing a frame he made it clear he wanted a clean looking frame suitable for riding any terrain, whether your cruising though some trails, grinding a hand rail or blasting a quarterpipe at the local skatepark. The 2016 Mankind Getaway Frame is perfect for any type of rider. It features a 75.0° head angle, stand over at 8.5”, 13.2” CS and 11.5 BB height, custom mankind DT gusset and full chromoly dropouts with integrated chain tensioners to keep you chain tight. All the features you need to build a bike ready to ride anything that is in front of you. 


Material:        Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing
Lengths:        20.5”, 20.75”, 21.0”

TT:                  ø 33.0mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t  Heat-treated
DT:                 ø 35.0mm x 1.2t*1.1t*1.2t  Heat-treated
SS:                 ø 19.0mm x 1.0t. Heat-treated
CS:                 ø 19.0mm x 1.2t. Heat-treated
Seat tube:     Single butt (1.5t*1.0t) – Heat-treated. Angle: 71° 

Stand Over:   8.5”
Head tube:    Heat-treated – Int. Headset, rem. Gyro tabs
HT Angle:      75.0°
BB:                Heat-treated Mid Size BB. Wider 74mm BB shell. 
BB Height:    11.5”. Inside BB spacer needs to be 51mm

Dropouts:      Heat-treated Laser cut, 6mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slots
Angled, welded on cut out caps on SS & CS.
CS-Length:   13.2” slammed / 13.45 middle of dropout

CS-Width:     72mm. 2,4” tires fit. 

U-Brake:        No Brake Hardware included – sold separately

Weight:          2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 21.0”
Specials:       MK Down Tube Gusset, Integrated Chain Tensioners           

Colors:           Matt Black, Matte Raw, Clearcoat Blue



Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing 

HT Angle



20.5”, 20.75”, 21.0”


Heat-treated Mid Size BB


ø 33.0mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t Heat-treated 

BB Height



ø 35.0mm x 1.2t*1.1t*1.2t Heat-treated


Heat-treated Laser cut, 6mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slots 


ø 19.0mm x 1.0t. Heat-treated 


13.2” slammed / 13.45” middle of dropout


ø 19.0mm x 1.2t. Heat-treated 


72mm – 2,4” tires fit easily 

Seat Tube

Single butt (1.5t*0.9t) – Heat-treated. Angle: 71° 


No Brake Hardware included – sold separately

Stand Over



2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 20.8”

Head Tube

Heat-treated – Int. Headset, Length: 110mm 


Matt Black, Matte Raw, Clearcoat Blue

Standard Byke co in denver

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Today we are proud to bring you Standard Does Denver, a trip video with Standard’s Billy Woodfin, Zack Gerber, Chase Pauza, Matt Lough, Johnny Del Balso, Sam Stebila, and Riley Guest as they make their way from brand HQ in Davenport, Iowa to the Mile High City Denver, Colorado. BMX and road trips have always gone hand in hand, there’s no better a way to bring a team together, ride, film, and get into random adventures along the way! After you are done watching, read more about the trip from Billy Woodfin below…
“We started out the trip by meeting in Davenport at the Standard Byke Co. headquarters. After some last minute preparations and bike rack modifications, we were on the road to Colorado. We piled into my car to meet with the rest of the team that was flying in. Some of us had been on the road together before, but for others this was a new experience.
The drive is a long one, so we made due riding goofy setups at Nebraska rest stops while truckers slept in the parking lot. After a long 16 hour drive, we finally made it to Denver ready to shred. I really wanted to put this trip together to show that Standard Byke Co. is still around and kicking ass. We’re a very diverse team of riders but still have that classic Midwest style.
Aside from showing everyone that Standard hasn’t gone anywhere, we really wanted to show that you don’t need tons of money or fancy sponsors to put together a badass trip. We also wanted to emphasize that BMX is much more than just riding bikes. BMX is about the experiences and memories you make with some of your best friends or even complete strangers. Needless to say, we kept to the classic BMX objective, which is being carefree and having a blast.
There are too many great stories to tell in just 1 short article. A lot of wildness went down, and not all of it was just riding. One day Zack Gerber, Chase Pauza and I decided to start walking up the side of a mountain in the continental divide with no shirts and riding shoes, and Chase was in his underwear. We only intended on hiking a couple hundred feet, but weren’t satisfied once we got there. After 2 hours of hiking we found ourselves at about 14,000ft elevation. It was absolutely exhausting and treacherous. We almost died a couple times sinking into deep snow trying to reach the summit. The hike down was harder than the hike up, being delusional from lack of oxygen and exhaustion. We probably should have brought water too.
One of the best clips we got on the trip was a result of true teamwork. We got kicked out of an epic spot before Zack had a chance to get a clip he had in mind for quite some time. We all decided to split up to try and distract the security guard elsewhere. The security found me in a parking lot by myself and began asking where the rest of us went. I knew how important this clip was, so I did everything I possibly could to keep the idiot distracted. Asking him everything from “Where is the nearest gas station?” to ” Where do babies come from?”. After around only 10 minutes of distraction, the guys came running back up the parking lot absolutely pumped.
The trip was a complete success and I believe the footage will back that up. Everyone rode hard and no one was seriously injured. We had many uncontrollable laughs, bathed in freezing streams, saw amazing sights and rode some unforgettable setups, which made this adventure a prime example of a good ol BMX roadtrip. #rideforglenn” – Billy Woodfin

Rob ridge part 2 interview

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Part 2 of rob ridges vital interview. He is a real inspiration to me as he isn’t drivin by fashion and creates his own path and at 45 years old he is still at the top of his game.

Rob Ridge will save bmx, chats to ride on.

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Rob Ridge is one of the nicest chaps in bmx and like anyone has had his ups and downs, here he shares a few thoughts on bmx over the decades he’s been riding.

A true ambassador for bmx.

Build it with isaac lesser at romford.

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Mike King has put together this amazing edit of Isaac Lesser at Romford. He is expanding his riding and is not afraid of sending it.

Dan Conway new edit for the daily grind

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I got sent this edit by the daily grind of dan conway and I’m really in to the riding and the music.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts?

Promo edit for Zack gerbers sig sbc frame. the transplant

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Zack has been testing and developing his frame for over the past year. Finally happy with every detail, he has released his signature “Transplant” frame to the market. Named after his many travels and gypsy lifestyle. Zack’s frame embodies the iconic strength of Standard Bykes with the purity in simplicity of a modern ‘street’ BMX frame designed to handle Zack’s high speed, technical, and potentially dangerous riding style.

Link to Zack’s frame on Standard’s site: standardbyke.com/zach-gerber-signature-transplant-frame/

20.75 Top Tube
75 Head Tube Angle
71 Seat Tube Angle
9.5 Stand Over Height
11.8 BB Height
13.6 Rear End Length
Full OX platinum tubing which is 30% stronger than traditional chromoly tubing that is currently used in the market.

Daniel Tunte part of mankind

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Daniel Tunte is one of the best street riders on the plant, here is is doing his this for mankind bike company.

Callum woodland at the zeal jam 2014

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Callum is a hugely talented young rider who turns 17 this weekend. here is some footage of him at the del ghetto jam 2014 shot by sean pointing. Look out for him on the alone bmx tour starting april 1st 2015.

Rick moliterno part 4

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Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 15.36.06


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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.07.32

Rick Moliterno part 2 on standard

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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.57.34



Click on the picture to watch the second part about rick and standard byke company

Mankinds jordan stump edit

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Jordan Stump has saved so much good footage in the last twelve months and has packed it up for his #partofmankind edit. He had some damn good sessions in Kentucky, Boston, Philadelphia, Colorado, Texas, and Salt Lake City whit his homies Tyler Rembold, Phil Bossmeyer, Mankind teammate ‎Rob DiQuattro and many more. Watch this banger edit today, you will not be disappointed!